Visiting colleagues from Ghent

On November 23 and 24, we had the pleasure of welcoming a substantial group of colleagues from Ghent to Tilburg. The research group led by

Out now: Rethinking Democratic Innovation

Rethinking Democratic Innovations takes a fresh and critical look at diverging and often opposing views of improving democracy, and asks whether existing oppositions could also

Democratic innovation: why would you do it?

Democratic innovation always sparks a lot of debate in the Netherlands. In this essay, Frank Hendriks addresses three common reservations about democratic innovation in the

Time for a deliberative referendum?

Critics say referendums would encourage uninformed dissent and political gridlock. In what ways might adding deliberation to a referendum process address such criticisms? REDRESS-researchers Frank

Event Vereniging voor Bestuurskunde

Ank Michels and Frank Hendriks have written an overview article on democratic innovation in The Netherlands, with a specific focus on the part covering the

Workshop Politicologenetmaal

Do you work on research in democratic innovations? During the Political Scientist Day, Charlotte Wagenaar and Ank Michels as well as Lieven Boelen and Léon

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