First REDRESS consortium meeting

After the online kick-off event in December, the first real-life consortium meeting took place on Friday 3 June. In the Lochal in Tilburg, Frank Hendriks

Exchange with research group UGent

On Friday 20 May, the REDRESS team visited colleagues at Ghent University who are working on a research project on participatory local government in Belgium.

How to study democracy?

Jean-Paul Gagnon, a democratic theorist, suggests to study variants and innovations of democracy from a quasi-biological perspective. Nice idea, but you have to do it

Are populists sore losers?

Donald Trump still questions the fairness of his lost election. Other populist leaders seem to be sore losers as well, giving the impression that populists

REDRESS’ research plans are now available online

The REDRESS project's research plans for the upcoming years are now available on the website. The first research plan discusses the demand side of democratic innovations: what is the citizens' perspective on hybrid democratic innovation? The second research plan addresses the supply side and discusses the criteria to evaluate hybrid forms of democratic innovation and the principles that can help to design hybrid democratic innovations.

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