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Amsterdam-Oost involves citizens in neighborhood budget

26 April 2024|

In the city district of Amsterdam-Oost, the neighborhood budget, known as “Oost Begroot,” is a case of a hybrid democratic innovation that incorporates elements of both deliberation and voting. Recent research conducted by REDRESS-researchers Krista Ettlinger and Jelle Turkenburg examined the process from the perspective of the organization and

Consortium meeting on research progress and digital tools

13 December 2023|

On Friday, December 8, the biennial REDRESS consortium meeting took place. This time, we had the pleasure of hosting our societal partners at the USBO building of our partner university in Utrecht. After a welcoming address and general updates on the project's progress, Take Sipma discussed ongoing research and

Publication on deliberative additions to referendums

4 December 2023|

A literature review by Irene Witting in collaboration with Charlotte Wagenaar and Frank Hendriks has been published in the International Political Science Review. The study explores existing literature on the purposeful addition of elements of citizen deliberation to referendum processes. The literature describes both expected effects and empirically observed

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